Video - Yamaha Grizzly Flips Over Backwards Into A Creek

Videa ATV Yamaha Yamaha Grizzly Flips Over Backwards Into A Creek

Yamaha Grizzly Flips Over Backwards Into A Creek

We weren't too sure if we wanted to share this video, but I suppose it's a good reminder to everyone that accidents can happen very quickly. Not sure exactly what happened, but I think when my rear tires hit one of the logs in the bottom, the bump made me give a blip to the throttle. That's all it needed as the front was already pretty light. Next thing you know, my head is under water and I'm being molested by a 700 lb. Grizzly!! The Grizzly only got a few scrapes on the front right fender. Myself, well, I was pretty scraped up and bruised. Was moving kinda slow for a couple days, but luckily nothing was broken! Ride safe everybody! If you like our videos, be sure to comment, share, thumbs up and subscribe! An add to your featured "other channels box" would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching! Join us on facebook:

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