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Videa ATV Yamaha Yamaha Blaster TORS System Removal - How To

Yamaha Blaster TORS System Removal - How To

Here's how to remove the troublesome TORS (Throttle-Override) system on 1988-2002 model year Yamaha Blaster ATV's. This set of electrical interlocks usually gives riders nothing but trouble, and the whole thing can be taken out once and for all with just a screwdriver and a pair of wire cutters. Follow these simple steps, and get back to riding! The procedure outlined in this video is almost identical for getting rid of the TORS on a Banshee, except that you have to deal with two carburetor caps and a couple more wires on a 'Shee. No big deal. Anybody with some mechanical knowledge should have no trouble with it, and can apply what I describe here to a Banshee. Check us out!! Best place on the Web for anything and everything Blaster!

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