Video - The Moore Bro's - Ep2 This Weans Moore!

Videa ATV Polaris The Moore Bro's - Ep2 This Weans Moore!

The Moore Bro's - Ep2 This Weans Moore!

First off, Happy Birthday to me. Now this! The Moore Bro's : Dominance features Caleb and Colten Moore throughout their daily lives. From dirt, sand and snow these action sports icons don't know when to quit. Caleb being the first person to successfully land a backflip to dirt on a Polaris RZR and his little brother Colten winning gold at the 2012 Winter X-Games in sled freestyle makes them a constant riot. There is no other competition to Caleb and Colten. To them, its just 1 on 1. Today, Caleb and Colten have themselves a little contest into their foam pit in Krum, TX. After spending time on ATV's, snowmobiles have become somewhat easy to throw around. The boys hop on their Polaris 525cc sport quads and use them as a tool to prepare for Winter X! THIS WEANS MOORE! I MEAN, THIS MEANS WAR! Who do you think won? Music by Blake Shipman



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