Video - The desert curmudgeon demented coot shanty, part four

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The desert curmudgeon demented coot shanty, part four

The advice from Mobiltec. Mobiltec's Web Sites: Topographic images from Microsoft: The first thing you want to do is see if there are any leaks. Check the ceiling and windows and doors for interior water damage. If the ceiling has a lot of damage you will have to pull the entire trailer apart and rebuild it just to get at that one place. Stay away from those. You also want to check all wheel bearings and brakes. They may need to be rebuilt or repacked or replaced. Not usually a hard thing to do but can take a while due to the fact that the lug nuts are sometimes frozen. Brakes can freeze up as well. Check to see if all fixtures, windows, plumbing and electrical works. Some of it is easy to fix and some is not so easy. Also check to see if the cranks on the windows work and check the ceiling vent and door for proper operation. Look for the VIN. Vehicle Id Number. Usually on the tongue frame up front. Is there a license plate? Is it current in registration or not? If not it is no big deal. Hopefully if not it has been at least 10 years since last registered so it is off the DMVs computers. Tires of course. Spare? Does it need new cushions and curtains? How is the floor? This is VERY important. If it is soft in places it can be a bitch to replace or repair. Depends on where it is soft. There are thousands and thousands of trailers all around you. Most are hidden behind structures or in the middle of a forest ...

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