Video - Small Engines Q & A Video #104 in HD

Videa ATV Suzuki Small Engines Q & A Video #104 in HD

Small Engines Q & A Video #104 in HD

Welcome to my bi-weekly series where your Small Engine questions are answered. Visit my channel for more repair videos; Questions & Tips in this video; 1. Why doesn't the pull cord go back in all the way on my generator? 0:35 2. What can happen if my carburetor doesn't have a good seal between the bowl and the carburetor body? 1:36 3. Why is my Briggs Quantum lawnmower engine burning oil? 3:10 4. Is it necessary to always run my outboard motor in water to test it? 5:26 5. Why does my lawn tractor keep running when I turn off the key? 6:26 6. Why is it hard to heat up parts with a propane tank? 7:25 7. In what position is the choke "on" and "off" on my stand up scooter? 8:00 8. An easy way to deal with carburetor issues on a stand up scooter. 8:23 HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!



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