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Six Wheelers / Amphibious ATVs

This is some footage of 's semi-annual six wheeler ride at Busco Beach ATV park in Goldsboro, NC from the weekend of April 15-17, 2011. With strong storms rolling through the area that produced sizable tornadoes, several members had to cancel their plans to attend the event, but even so, there were around 50 6x6 World members and over 30 six and eight wheel amphibious ATVs that made it. The footage in this video shows several different ATVs manufactured by Argo, Max, Attex and Hustler. It's interesting to watch the different models and how they excel in certain situations compared to each other. Busco Beach offers many different types of terrain to ride in from sand to mud but we typically find most of our trail rides end up in the muddier trails on the outskirts of the river that surrounds the park. That is where the majority of this video was shot.

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