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Roof Ranger Riding Mower

This was taken earlier in the summer. These little guys were built by the Roof Manufacturing Company in Pontiac, IL. My Grandfather got this one new...we think in '65. Rugged little guys, though a bit dangerous compared to modern mowers - this thing will take off on hills. This one had a full resto about 10 years ago, but it needs to be gone through again. The engine is a 5HP Briggs & Stratton. The blade engages by physically moving the engine back and forth in the frame. The handle moves up and down to raise the deck for thick grass or to prevent scalping on hills. The drivetrain consists of a friction tyre riding on a drive disk spun by the motor. by changing the drive disc's position, you change your speed - those with Snapper mowers should recognize that, because Roof actually sold the patent to Snapper when they went under! Yes, I realize I'm balding, and not that pretty. :P

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