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Quad Practice UK 2011 ATV Motocross Mx

Quad Practice UK. We are a group of keen riders, of all ages and skill levels. Some are racers, some green laners, others out there just for fun. We practice every other sunday at various tracks across the country, the interest for quad riding is growing all the time, the more riders we have the more tracks we can ride, we need numbers to make all this happen. The group we have is friendly and always welcomes new riders young and old. The tracks that we use at the moment are Besthorpe MX / Attlebourough East Anglia Supertracks / Walpole St Andrew Moto Land / Mildenhall Wild Trax / Chippenham Rushmere / Ipswich Mepal Motor Park / CB6 2AY If you are interested in any of these track days, give me a call ask for Shaun (QuadPracticeUK) 07717683384... I always send a text to each rider prior to the event, usually giving 10 to 14 days notice, all i ask in return is that you text back to confirm you are either attending or not.

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