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Pikes Peak 2012 Clips

This is the footage I was able to capture of the 90th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event in El Paso County, Colorado. I wasn't able to record every car because I wanted my camera to last the whole day and capture a wide variety of the vehicles in the race. Sorry for any shaky camera movements, I was a little tipsy. Camera used is a Sony DSC-HX1. The sound, video, and picture quality of this camera is superb and I highly recommend it for anyone that wants a portable, versatile camera that does a little bit of everything... without the price tag of a DSLR. Intro song is "Separate" by Sevendust. Copyright 2003 TVT Records If you enjoy the video, please Like/Subscribe and share with your friends! Check out some HDR pics I took of the scenery: For more information about the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb event, visit their official homepage:


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