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Videa ATV KTM Open PRO ATV Final and Open Amateur ATV Final

Open PRO ATV Final and Open Amateur ATV Final

The combined ATV Open and ATV Amateur held the surprise of the meet with KTM unveiling the new KTM XC 525cc racer at the 3rd annual 07 Extreme Cycle Jam NASMOTO contest in Nashville at the Music City Motorplex on September 2nd. Tim Farr flew in from Europe to attend the affair and came out of the box blazing. He took pole position, got the hole shot and won the contest while leading every lap, providing the ultimate trifecta to introduce the new racing ATV. Farr got the lead with the 2006 defending champion, Nicolas Granlund, tucked in behind him. The two racers ran in lock-step for many laps until Granlund bobbled in the dirt section and lost his rhythm. Farr motored away and took the checkered flag in this 10 lap event. "I'm a little down on horsepower to the new KTM and I am 30 pounds heavier than Farr," explained second place finisher Granlund. "I have to hand it to Tim, he rode an outstanding race." "The new KTM XC is ready to race," said race winner Tim Farr. "Enthusiasts don't have to sink a bunch of money into this quad to make it ready to go, it truly comes ready to race." Taking 3rd in the race was SuperMoto regular Zac Willett riding his Duro Tire ATV. The $3000 purse had SuperMoto racers converging on Nashville from both coasts. First place paid $1200 with pros receiving payouts down to 5th place.

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