Video - MX vs ATV Alive | Online Tournament | Race Rules

Videa ATV KTM MX vs ATV Alive | Online Tournament | Race Rules

MX vs ATV Alive | Online Tournament | Race Rules

Read the Description! This Video Description: MX vs ATV Alive Online tournament introduction and rules. "Hope you all enjoy this new series of video's bringing you a look into a "custom" competitive element among like-minded friends. Race #1 will be available soon and pending the overall reaction of this video...I'll try to get a side Tournament started on my channel. Although I'd love to host tournaments for everyone on the playstation 3 but the participant list is rather long already and with my current life restraints (wife, kid, & 2 jobs) I just cannot accommodate to the demands of multiple tournaments at multiple time frames. Instead, I highly suggest grabbing a friend or two and go online and just begin racing. The format used here is so simple to emulate that it's encouraged for everyone to take it upon themselves to improvise it to their liking. ALSO, if you are interested in taking things to the next competitive level, there are plenty of options available on the Multiplayer forums at Don't forget to send messages to all the quick guys you find in public rooms who use mics too; tell them how fast they are and that you'd like to get them to race with you and your friends in a tournament style setup. Most of those guys welcome a chance of pace! It's really easy to get a full room of 8-10 guys racing in just a matter of minutes. MX vs ATV Alive Tournament Breakdown: * No Rider Skills - TURN THEM OFF! (After one race, I realized I am better without ..., vurb, moto, video, game, ps3, console, motocross, supercross, mx, sx, freestyle, freeride, xgames, honda, yamaha, kawasaki, ktm, suzuki, gamer, games, gaming, mxvsatv, reflex, machinima, mxsimulator, trialshd, unleashed, untamed, alive, dirt



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