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Moon Buggy Chase

In This Scene: James Bond (Sean Connery) had his cover blown by a real lab worker he impersonated at Willard Whyte Space Labs and escapes by stealing a moon buggy and then an ATV. Bond is chased throughout a Las Vegas desert, but eventually reunites with Tiffany Case and takes off to the city in her Mustang. Fun Facts: Bond's escape through a moon landing "movie set" refers to the popular conspiracy theory of the time that the real moon landings were faked. The moon buggy was inspired by the actual NASA vehicle, but with additions such as flaying arms since the producers didn't find the design "outrageous" enough. Built by custom car fabricator Dean Jeffries, it was capable of highway speeds. The fiberglass tires had to be replaced during the chase sequence because the heat and irregular desert soil ruined them. The wheels also kept falling off. In one scene where a car turns over you can see one of the wheels that had broken off the moon buggy rolling in the foreground. From "Diamonds Are Forever" (1971) MGM / UA 2011. All rights reserved. Video available in 720p HD.

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