Video - Maximum Quad/ATV -250-8 Super Strassenlage !!

Videa ATV MAX Maximum Quad/ATV -250-8 Super Strassenlage !!

Maximum Quad/ATV -250-8 Super Strassenlage !!

Engine: ZONGSHEN Type: single cylinder water-cooling Transmission: 4 gears with one reverse Power: 11.6KW/7500rpm Max.torque: 15.9Nm/6000rpm Displacement: 243ml Start mode: electric Tranmission mode: chain Min.ground clearance: 100mm Power source: 12V,9AH Fuel tank capacity: 4L Chassis Break type(F/R): disc/disc Front hanging: double arm-swing Rear hanging: integral Dimensions product dimensions: 2000x1110x1030mm wheelbase: 1400mm height of seats: 680mm dry weight: 166 kg load capacity: 260 KG

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