Video - Max IV trail ride part 1

Videa ATV Argo Max IV trail ride part 1

Max IV trail ride part 1

Take a ride in a Amphibious ATV with snowmobile tracks. This machine is registered as a ATV, Boat and a Snowmobile -just need to find a way to get it to fly now :) Since this is a Point Of View camera its not so much a ride as you being in the drivers seat. Its a long Video, good to watch on the spare monitor while surfing the net. There are a few of my foibles in it like getting stuck on train tracks, almost flipping over the front on a snowbank in front of the gas station, and then having it try to drive away without me in it because of a frozen throtle cable. Enjoy

Trail Riding, Max IV, Amphibious, tracks, Snowmobile, ATV, boat, All-terrain Vehicle, POV, snow, Ride, 6x6, 8x8,, argo



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