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Max IV 6x6 Amphibious ATV

Drew went all out and bought this beast. I think its from the 80's. Has a new engine in it, replacing the original 1cyl briggs, Its got a pretty new Honda GX670 (671cc) v twin 2cyl engine. 24hp, and a custom clutch. These things are CVT belt drive, to a weird steering transmission thing, possibly a "Borg-Warner designed T-20 Skid Steer steering transmission". Thats what the new ones use on the website. I also built up the same thing that drew bought on the maxatvs website, and its 13000+ bucks for options the same as his. So his 1500 dollar investment isn't too bad. It came with 1 or 2 extra of these tires, and a whole set of 25 inch tall bear claws on rims, plus 1 or 2 extra wheels of those too. Works pretty good, very bumpy though, and the sticks to drive the thing are pretty annoying. Would be really nice if you could spin one side backwards, while you spun the other side forwards, so it would steer easier, and more like a tank. But you have to stop completely, and shift from forward to reverse to make either side spin backwards. The throttle is a snow mobile throttle, on the right control stick, and its really hard on the hands after a while.

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