Video - Max II 6x6 ATV Axle and Bearing Replacement

Videa ATV MAX Max II 6x6 ATV Axle and Bearing Replacement

Max II 6x6 ATV Axle and Bearing Replacement

This video will walk you through the basic steps it takes to replace the bearings, axles, sprockets and chain on a Max II 6x6 amphibious UTV. While this video is specific to the Max II manufactured by Recreatives Industries, most 6x6 ATVs including Argo, Hustler, Attex and many more will be very similar. Hopefully this video will help to show you just how easy it is to perform maintenance on your six wheeler or eight wheeler. As a disclaimer I have to say that by no means should you take this video as being 100% correct. I am nothing more than a novice myself and there are a lot of members at 6x6 World that are much more knowledgeable than I am. I just wanted to document as much of the process as I could. It is helpful sometimes just to see how others perform certain tasks even if it is to learn from their mistakes. I condensed a lot of the video for time but if there is anything you have questions on, feel free to post the questions at 6x6 World on the forums. Also, there is a written guide located on the forums with multiple pictures and instructions to help out: I hope this helps someone out.

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