Video - Make an ATV street legal. King quad 750

Videa ATV Suzuki Make an ATV street legal. King quad 750

Make an ATV street legal. King quad 750

All you need to do to make your ATV street legal is go to title company and have them change the title from ATV to motorcycle. Then before you go onto the road. Add turn signals. Mirrors. Horn. Head light. Tail light that works as a running light and a brake light just like a car. After all that is done go to and select the link for tires ad go to dot approved tires and select the tire for your bike. If you have rims that are 13 " you can just go to your local tire center. I have a 2009 Suzuki King Quad 750 that I put a set of street tires and everything else on and have been driving it all around town and everywhere I want to go. Your ATV. Must be able to maintain 35 MPH to be road worthy. If you title it as a motorcycle you will need a motorcycle license. ( very easy to get ) you may be able to title it as a car not sure though but I am looking in to it to find out. You do have to insure it just like a car. Check back every once in a while and I will post videos of it on the road. PLEASE RATE AND COMMENT thank You the tires are GBC Afterburn Street Force ATV Tires. you can get them from they also have other tires as well but make sure what size tires you have before you buy them. these fit on a king qaud 12'' rim

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