Video - Las Vegas Quad Tour Eldorado Goldmines June 2012

Videa ATV quad Las Vegas Quad Tour Eldorado Goldmines June 2012

Las Vegas Quad Tour Eldorado Goldmines June 2012

At the end of June, while we where on vacation in Las Vegas, we've booked an atv tour at the Eldorado Goldmines in Nevada. They picked us up at 6am at the Excalibur Hotel. From there it was a 40 minute drive. The atv tour was located in an area that was once important for it's gold mining industry. The small village has still the original mines and buildings. There are also a lot of souvenirs from a lot of Hollywood movies who where shot there. When you've booked a tour you gonna see some fragments from a Hollywood movie. The atv tour on itself is very good and easy and is only in the morning. In the afternoon it's too hot to drive in that area. It's located near the state border with Arizona and on this trip you see a glimp of the Colorado River. The first part of the tour is very easy terrain to get used to the vehicle. The second part is up and downhill with a lot turns. Unfortunately two Ladies of our group had a terrible accident. An aunt crashed into the back of the atv of her niece. The niece was launched into the bushes and fall of the atv. The aunt herself was falling down the hill sideways with her atv. Two helicopters, two ambulances and police where needed to get the aunt to the hospital in Las Vegas. She had some bad injuries. I hope she recovered well and her niece too. After this terrible accident our tour was over. I don't have footage of this because my battery was down. Stupid as i was, i didn't replaced it on time. I shot this with the GoPro Hero II in ...


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