Video - JD Ranch ATV Riding Ep. 2

Videa ATV Yamaha JD Ranch ATV Riding Ep. 2

JD Ranch ATV Riding Ep. 2

A quick video of some of the trails at my ranch. Sorry about the shaky footage, I don't have a GoPro or one of those kinds of cameras, so I just duct-tape my camera to the front of the ATV, and it doesn't look that great, but it still looks okay. Music: "Skyline (Dirty Electro Mix)" By Matt Laskey. He doesn't have alot of subscribers, and he works hard at his music, so it would help alot if you checked his channel out and subscibed. Link to his Full Song: Comment down below if you want to see more videos of my ranch. Until then, you can watch some that have already been made (Some my me, but mostly by RStars11) These are not all of them, but there are some you can check out. Rate, Comment, Like, and Subscribe! Thanks!

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