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It's My Life [Bon Jovi Vocal Cover] - CARL LINDQUIST (Join my Official Facebook page by pressing "Like") I'm back with my first vocal cover this year. The idea I have is to release two covers in a row from the same music genre (with just a few weeks in between) and then I'll pick another genre and so on. This will go on during 2012, so it should be fun! But the first genre I'm gonna work with is "Rock" and I will do another rock cover after this one. It's already in progress! Anyway, my first vocal cover this year is: "It's My Life". Enjoy! ¤ "It's My Life" - Credits: Song: It's My Life Artist: Bon Jovi Album: Crush (2000) Written by Jon Bon Jovi, Richie Sambora & Max Martin Performed by Carl Lindquist Mixing by Grégory Giraudo ¤ Covers 2012 Rock: 1) It's My Life (Bon Jovi) If you enjoy my videos/songs, please share them with your friends, press the "Like" button, comment and subscribe! Watch my other videos as well. Thanks for the support! Follow me: Facebook: YouTube: Twitter: Reverbnation: Myspace: Also, check out my band COEXISTENCE, where I'm the singer. We are a French/Swedish metal band and we released our first album "Flow" in 2011. Follow us: Website: Facebook YouTube: Twitter: Myspace: SignMeTo RoadRunner Records: ¤ Video responses: I will gladly accept a video respons as long as it's ...

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