Video - IRON HORSE + Vahva Jussi 320

Videa ATV Honda IRON HORSE + Vahva Jussi 320

IRON HORSE + Vahva Jussi 320

Fun day in forest with Iron Horse, Vahva Jussi 320 and Honda ATV. Standart trailer with two bolster sets, crane with a reach of 3,2m and grapple with 74 cm. Max load 1500kg and max speed 25 km/h. Honda hydraulic unit is 5.5 hp and gives out 175bar@3600rpm, max oil flow 9 l/min. Axle of trailer is adjustable as all the other parts of trailer according to load weight, vehicle in front and terrain situations. On soft ground we additionally offer 4WD and winch with radio control radius of 25m. Max lift @ 3,2m 250kg and near main turning house ca 450kg that is regulated from distributor. Distributor is according to Scandinavian standards. Additionally you can install an earth bucket and hydraulic tipping box for agricultural purposes. You can also use the trailer separately without crane. A small crane with big possibilities.

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