Video - HR Imperial Motorhome & Car Hauler / RV Sold!

Videa TopGear HR Imperial Motorhome & Car Hauler / RV Sold!

HR Imperial Motorhome & Car Hauler / RV Sold!

1998 HR Imperial with 2004 Haulmark Car Hauler Camper 4 vehicles in One Rig....Motorhome, Car Hauler, Camper/RV, and Toy Hauler $75750 (Sold) Email me for link to 75+ pictures of Rig! Motorhome, Camper, Car Hauler, and Toy Hauler 4 for the price of 1!! If you are looking for luxury and flexibility you will find nothing else like this rig on the internet. Extremely versatile!! Here are two (2) recreational vehicles that can be used independently OR as a rig! LUXURY -- HR Imperial 40 ft. luxury motorhome! This beautiful motorhome is fully equipped and perfect for tailgating, a relaxing get-away, a trip cross country or full-time RVing. FLEXIBILITY-- Haulmark Car/Toy Hauler/Camper! Great for carrying motorcycles and ATVs for that outdoor adventure or haul a car for that longer trip! Better yet, this Hauler is a fully equipped camper perfect for camping w/the Guys or a bonus room for the Grandkids!!..... Then....there's all the racers...Cars, Quads, Carts, or Motorcycles...... Put your Race vehicle inside and go to the track!! Enjoy the camper while there! I purchased this rig in September 2007 specifically for a cross country trip w/the family. I talked w/motor home mechanics w/over 60 yrs combined experience. They strongly recommended I find a motorhome with an 8.3L Cummins, a Spartan or Roadmaster chassis, air brakes, engine/jake brake, six speed Allison Trans, and a 7.5kw Onan diesel generator. THIS MOTORHOME HAS IT ALL Plus an anti-lock brake system and electric ...

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