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Having Fun On A Honda TRX 420

My first real ride on a fourwheeler. It's a 2008 Honda TRX 420 Fourtrax which I bought from a lady who had barely used it, and so had incredibly low mileage on it. The reason for me buying it was to take friends and family for pleasant day trips on the groomed 'Rails to Trails' around South Shore, Nova Scotia and perhaps a little snow-plowing during the winter months, not really feeling the desire to do any serious off-roading or mudding. Having owned motorcycles for most of my life (on and off-road) I was fairly certain in my mind you couldn't possibly have as much fun with twice as many wheels.....How wrong I was!! After just twenty minutes getting used to a thumb throttle and a completely different style of riding in my local woods I was grinning from ear to ear.... I now can't wait for my next little excursion just to see what else this incredible little machine can do.



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