Video - Grizzly And Kodiak Exploring Beartrack Road

Videa ATV quad Grizzly And Kodiak Exploring Beartrack Road

Grizzly And Kodiak Exploring Beartrack Road

Finally starting to get a bit warmer can tell by the bugs! lol This time we are North East of town, out to explore some of the roads and trails in the Beartrack Lake Road area. No sooner had we turned on this road, when I see the first small black bear of the day. I had just shut the camera off, but I did get a glimpse of him in the brush again. Unfortunately, the wide angle lens on the GoPro camera isn't too good for seeing small black spots in the brush! hahaha We later almost hit another small bear! Same story. They sort of looked like last year's cubs that maybe have just left their mother?? I don't know. Anyways, it was another great day of exploring and found a cool spot that looked out over Gullwing Lake. We have included a few clips from our visit to the other side of the lake late last summer. If you like our videos, be sure to comment, share, thumbs up and subscribe! An add to your featured "other channels box" would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching! Join us on facebook:

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