Video - Green Zebra Adventures - Earn Your Stripes!

Videa ATV Tomcar Green Zebra Adventures - Earn Your Stripes!

Green Zebra Adventures - Earn Your Stripes!

Green Zebra has taken off-road adventure to a new level, by offering guests the latest in recreational vehicles, the exclusive Tomcar, and combining it with a management team that has researched and developed a travel adventure portfolio which will include 15 resort destinations from the Caribbean to Hawaii. Combining 35 years of group and individual travel and tourism experience with the state-of-the-art Tomcar, Green Zebra has the corporate infrastructure, tourism alliances and strategic partnerships to offer the next level in off-road adventure and tourism. From half-day and full day tours and customized packages including eco-tourism, snorkeling and other specialty tours, Green Zebra is the fastest growing company of its type in the industry. Green Zebra beta tested in Aruba, unveiling its signature brand and guest service offerings to rave reviews. Now Green Zebra has broken into two new markets, Cabo San Lucas and Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The company has an aggressive expansion plan with scheduled locations opening in 15 resort destinations. To expedite this rapid growth, Green Zebra has aligned itself with established, leading tour management operations in each target market. Each of these operations has been carefully selected based on their current success and reputation in their target market area. Each exclusive Green Zebra market was selected based on geographic and demographic profile of the Aruba market. All are popular, year-round tourist destinations ...

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