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Videa ATV Honda Fresh honda trx 450r for sale!

Fresh honda trx 450r for sale!

honda trx450r for sale The kid bailed that was going to buy it so I'm posting it again. For sale is a fresh honda, built from the ground up. everthing on it is tight and straight, and there aren't any problems with it. bought it at the end of 2011 from a guy who had it sitting in his garage then did most of the aftermarket parts to it. I only used for a handful of races and practices. Shocks were all serviced back in march. Oil and air filters changed after every race, and every two practices. UPDATE: Rear shock went through, and resprung, by sf racing. new laegers stem. all ball joints replaced. Quad runs great ready to rip. Will put up to date pictures up this week. pics- Parts list. ~Elka Quadrate front shocks with compression and rebound adjustment. ~Houser long travel A-Arms ~Extended stainless brakelines ~Extended ti-rods ~Elka Dual rate Comp rebound.(completely gone through by sfracing for redbud national) ~Lt Elka linkage ~SSi decals ~TRP hood ~Rath Bumper and #plate ~Renthal Fatbars ~Renthal Bar pad ~Renthal Grips ~Powermadd Handguards and mounting kit ~Tether Kill Switch ~Protaper Grips ~Oversized anti vib bar clams ~LSR extended stem ~LSR extended axle ~LSR e block off ~Dg Full nerfs ~K&N high flow air filter ~FMF full exhaust system ~Maxxis Razr mx fronts ~DWT front rims ~Maxxis Razr mx Rears ~DWT Rear red lable Beadlocks ~OMF beads ~Gas vent cap ~Rear number plate ~full race cut harness. to contact me text me at 815-979-4204. honda ...



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