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Food Plots with a GroundHog MAX

I have always been lucky to have access to tractors and all their implements for our lease property in Georgia, but my Dad and I have property in Mississippi that we have permission to hunt where we do not have a tractor. In the past, we have either had to rely on someone else to plant our food plots or we just went without. We have always wanted this capability and self sufficiency and we finally found it with an ATV plow called GroundHog MAX by Tufline (). The plow itself weighs about 60 pounds and mounts to your ATV in a 2 inch receiver. If your ATV does not have a receiver, like ours did not, then it comes with a 2 inch tube and all the hardware necessary to mount the GroundHog MAX. Shown below is our installation on our 1999 Polaris Magnum 325. We also mounted it on our 1998 Polaris Magnum 500 for more power. Now that we have the GroundHog MAX installed we were ready to try it out. My Dad and I picked one of our fall food plots and we decided to plant some Eagle soybeans and sunflower seeds. So my Dad started us off by mowing the food plot with his riding lawnmower. Then a week later he sprayed the new growth with roundup by using a hand sprayer as shown below. This process worked really well and gave us easier access to bare dirt to work with. Then, a week later we used the GroundHog MAX to plow up the ground. It took us about 30 minutes to break it up with about 3 passes. In the video you can watch it and see the GroundHog MAX tear it up. Next we spread our seeds ...

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