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Videa ATV quad Exploring Gold Rock On ATV's - The Movie

Exploring Gold Rock On ATV's - The Movie

HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL OF YOU!! Well, it took awhile, but we finally were able to finish editing the clips from our ATV exploration rides around the Gold Rock Ontario Ghost Town mining area. We actually went there three times this summer! Very cool and interesting place with some awesome trails as a bonus! It's a long one, but there was lots to cram in there. Just think of it as a free movie! lol Apparently Gold Rock was quite the place back at the beginning of the 1900's and then again in the 1930's. We don't know a whole lot about the history of the area, but there are plenty of books available about it if you are interested. You might even find stuff on the internet. A big thank you to Bruce Walchuk for providing us with the awesome footage of the mine areas taken sometime around the late 80's. If you watch closely, you will see my old Honda XL350R bike in there, it was only a couple years old. My brother owned it back then. Some of Bruce's old footage is available at the 35:13 - 50:04 mark of the movie. It sure would have been awesome to have seen the area when all the old structures were still around. Unfortunately, most of the stuff has been bulldozed flat some time in the 1990's I think. Still plenty of exploration going on in the area. Probably because of the recent high prices of gold. If you like our videos, be sure to comment, share, thumbs up and subscribe! An add to your featured "other channels box" would also be greatly appreciated. Thanks for watching! Join ...


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