Video - Exceed RC Rally Monster Electric Racing Truck

Videa ATV Rallye Exceed RC Rally Monster Electric Racing Truck

Exceed RC Rally Monster Electric Racing Truck

The Rally Monster EP will be available "Ready-To-Run" making it the highest on-road performance 4-wheel drive Electric Power racing car available to everybody Completely preassembled with high quality radio gear, painted, trimmed and ready to roll The new powerful KV3300 Brushless Motor provides reliable and consistent power for high performance on-road driving The 2.5mm lightweight aluminum alloy chassis provides excellent performance and durability Excellent differential system design provides quick access to the front or rear differential by removing only few screws. You can now access the front and rear differential for easy maintenance New lightweight suspension arms deliver quick suspension response and reduce the critical sprung weight and overall weight of the car High capacity battery provides long run times The high quality AM transmitter and receiver work together to let you precisely control your car.

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