Video - ETon RXL 90 Big Jump on 1st ride!

Videa ATV E-TON ETon RXL 90 Big Jump on 1st ride!

ETon RXL 90 Big Jump on 1st ride!

Here is my Son on the 2002 Eton RXL 90 2-Stroke I just bought him. This ATV Rocks This is one Giant jump for one of his 1st runs at a jump. I'm happy that he didn't hit the Tractor. I never thought he would go that far. That little 90cc 2-Stroke has more start up Torque then our 300cc 4-Stroke Kawasaki Bayou. That little ATV can tear it up with me on it and I'm 60lbs over its weight limit. This ATV is NOT for young kids, unless all limiters are in place.

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