Video - Cirrus5005 - Mudslide - ATV - 1:55.98

Videa ATV Rallye Cirrus5005 - Mudslide - ATV - 1:55.98

Cirrus5005 - Mudslide - ATV - 1:55.98

Beautifully timed with Danipsv's Riptide Racing Truck upload (L) here's another combination that hasn't been updated on YouTube ... in fact, I'm not sure there's a Mudslide ATV video at all haha. I understand why, as smrtb0mb put it last night: "It's one of those unimaginable combos." In regards to how this time filters in with the other top times, see for yourself: 1:55.18 - LILLO84 - Bike 1:55.86 - LILLO84 - Rally Car 1:55.98 - Cirrus5005 - ATV 1:56.69 - optimus - Mudplugger Those are the three top 2-lap times for the track, proving yet again that this is one of the best games for vehicle balance. I urge optimus to make an updated Mudplugger video to see how low into the 1:56s he can get ... and whether 1:55 is possible. This ATV run is by no means perfect, I just wanted to get another combo on YouTube that we don't have yet. I reckon I could challenge Lorenzo's Bike time for the 2-lap record, but it would be pretty tough. It's so hard to be consistent here.

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