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CF Moto Z6 600cc ATV SXS

The Z6 is designed with performance, adventure and excitement in mind; giving you the freedom to tackle the outdoors from a new perspective. Boasting a powerful 600cc liquid cooled engine combined with Bosch EFI (electronic fuel injection). This system allows for a perfect fuel/air mixture ratio to provide painless cold starts and optimal fuel delivery. To further enhance versatility, the rider also has the ability to electronically select between 2WD & 4WD modes, hi and low rev ranges and also lock the differential when extra traction is required. Fully independent rear (IRS) suspension makes light work of rough terrain, whilst the all round hydraulic disc brakes further enhances safety and control. Recreational riding, industrial use, farming, hunting or just simply having fun, the Z6 will have you covered. The only boundaries are your imagination. Supported by a two year limited factory warranty and nation-wide dealer network.

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