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Cannondale ATV Quad 440

This is an 02 Cannondale basically brought back to life and is stock. This bike came stock with some pretty bad ass features, titanium header, aluminum frame, ohlins shocks, magura hydralic clutch, the list goes on. The history of the quad was something like this. Build the baddest ATV on the planet, go bankrupt because the market wasn't ready back in 2000 (fuel injected all aluminum quads didn't surface till 8 years later) but they were not reliable. Many of them grenaded within the first 10 hours. Lower rod bearing failure, unbalanced cranks, magnesium water pump cover corrosion and so on. Fix all that and you have an exotic quad that rips! They say you don't ride or own a cannondale you earn one. Oh, and if you check out they got some sick deals on parts!

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