Video - Big Pun feat. Fat Joe - Deep Cover (Twinz Deep Cover `98) +lyrics

Videa ATV DINLI Big Pun feat. Fat Joe - Deep Cover (Twinz Deep Cover `98) +lyrics

Big Pun feat. Fat Joe - Deep Cover (Twinz Deep Cover `98) +lyrics

[Big Punisher] Ready for war Joe, how you wanna blow they spot I know these dirty cops that'll get us in if we murder some wop Hop in your Hummer, the Punisher's ready; meet me at Beatles' with Noodles, we'll do this dude while he's slurpin spaghetti Everybody kiss the fuckin floor, Joey Crack, buck em all If they move, Noodles shoot that fuckin whore Dead in the middle of Little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middleman who didn't do diddily [Fat Joe] It'll be a cold day in hell the day I'll take an L Make no mistake for real I wouldn't hesitate to kill I'm still the Fat One that you love to hate, catch you at your mother's wake Smack you then I wack you with my snub trey-eight [Big Punisher] I rub your face off the Earth and curse your family children like Amityville drill the nerves in your cavity fillin Insanity's building up pavillion in my civilian The cannon be the anarchy that humanity's dealing A villain without remorse, who's willing to out your boss Forever and take all the cheddar like child support [Fat Joe] I support Pun in anything he does, anything he loves My brother from another mother sent from the above A thug nigga just like me, one of the best -- might be Even better leavin niggaz kneelin on they right knee [Big Punisher] Spike Lee couldn't paint a better picture You small change, I'm blowin out your brains gettin richer [Fat Joe] Hit you with the Mac (Mac), smack your bitch, nigga what? You gettin stuck, my trigger finger's itchy as a ...



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