Video - Autonomous Robotic ATV - Phase 1 - "RC vehicle" (Hi-def)

Videa ATV Honda Autonomous Robotic ATV - Phase 1 - "RC vehicle" (Hi-def)

Autonomous Robotic ATV - Phase 1 - "RC vehicle" (Hi-def)

UNC Charlotte is working on an autonomous All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) that can sense its environment and traverse most any terrain. It will follow a pre-defined path pulling a trailer that has sensing equipment. Phase 1 is to build the mechanical and electrical systems to allow someone to drive the vehicle like an RC car (later we will replace the RC controller with computer control). As you can see from the video, it works! It is an off-the-shelf Honda ATV. We collected Video, LIDAR and GPS data as well which we will integrate later. Photos and more videos at: For more information about this research contact James Conrad at:

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