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ATV Review - 2008 Kawasaki KFX450R

The world of high-performance sport ATVs is a quickly evolving one. Just four years ago there were exactly zero machines that would qualify as anything more than an inspired trail rider by today's standards. In the intervening years, Yamaha released their seminal YFZ450, Honda the TRX450R, and Suzuki the very-nearly race-ready LTZ450R. Kawasaki came to the fray a little late with its early-release 2008 KFX450R, which brings a combination of race- and trail-ready features to the mix. Kawasaki's entry into the ultra-high-performance quad wars is a fuel-injected motocross-derived 450cc 4-stroke powerplant which is as close to race-ready as a production quad has ever been. So yeah, you've heard that before, but the KFX delivers some unique twists to a storyline that has been played out in a variety of ways in the past few years. Unlike motocross-specific machines that are separated by very small differences (necessitated by the need to win races at all costs), ATVs - with or without racing intent - are primarily designed as trail machines first and true racers second, so every manufacturer brings it's own flavor to the mix. Watch the video and then read the full ATV review at

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