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ATV Racers (PS1) Gameplay

This is some gameplay footage of ATV Racers ont he PS1 as played on a PS2 with texture smoothing on. This was made by the same guys who made Miracle Space Race, and like MSR, it's merely OK. It's not a game that I would pay a lot of money for. i got it in a big PS1 game lot from ebay, and it's one that's relatively unspectacular, but playable, and even a little enjoyable. The controls are tough, the courses, are too narrow, the AI is unforgiving if you make a mistake (I'm playing this on normal), and the biggest problem is that there are only 9 courses in the game, but of the nine they are three different variations of three courses, so though there are 9 different courses, it feels like three. There is also no split screen play, meaning it's very limited on replay value. The music is decent, but not as good as in Miracle Space Race either. Overall, it's fun if you can find it for a cheap price, but will only appeal to forgiving gamers, or those who are willing to take it for what it is. This again, won't be turning anyone away from Mario Kart, or Crash Team Racing.

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