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atv quad crash

2011 Grizzly 700 FI Auto. 4x4 EPS Yamaha Grizzly Never ridden an ATV before? Would you like to? There's no better starting point than the YFM125 Grizzly, a puppy-friendly ATV that's just perfect for relaxed trail riding and exploring. Most first-time ATV riders on off-road adventure trips usually find themselves on YFM125 Grizzlies. They're practical, durable, and simply maintained. Weighing just 152kg, the little Grizzly 125 is easy to transport to the trail and its beautifully compact riding position and controls always feel just right. Operation is simplicity itself. Button-start the smooth 125cc four-stroke single, put the auto transmission lever into forward -- or reverse -- then thumb the throttle. And you're off. Front and rear carriers make the Grizzly 125 useful as well as fun.

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