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This is a compilation of video footage taken at the semi-annual amphibious ATV ride at Busco Beach off road park in Goldsboro, NC October 8-10, 2010. The eastern part of North Carolina around Busco Beach had recently had some flooding with parts of the state experiencing one day rain totals of over 20". Around 10 days later is when we visited the park so there was plenty of water and mud that made it perfect for amphibious ATVs. We didn't get an official count but there were probably somewhere in the range of 20-25 6x6 and 8x8 UTVs that came to ride for the weekend. There were many different ATVs present including Max, Argo, Attex, Hustler, and even a springer or two. If you have an amphibious ATV and have never visited Busco Beach, join us on our next ride. You will not be disappointed. There are four songs utilized in this video: "Nothin' on you" by BOB "Breed" by Nirvana "Even Flow" by Pearl Jam "Red" by Chevelle

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