Video - 2012 Modded 1000XT Outlander MUDDING

Videa ATV Honda 2012 Modded 1000XT Outlander MUDDING

2012 Modded 1000XT Outlander MUDDING

Ifyou like my videos please rate, favorite and subscribe. These videos were taken on a marked multi-use trail. Please do your part to keep ATV'ing sustainable in the future, pack out what you pack in and stay on the trails. 2012 1000XT Outlander, Full Airdam Prepped CV-Tech Primary, Custom PPSM Center Snorkels, billet Gas Cap, Shift Knob and 1" Spring Spacers Fr/Rr. Kahovec Industries Rad Relocate. Bike Custom Built by Pines Power Sports Marine, check them out at

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