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2011 Honda CBR250R

If you're looking for an affordable, smart, capable and fun way to enjoy life on two wheels—have we got a bike for you: the all-new Honda CBR250R! The new, fuel-injected CBR250R offers everything you want in a first-time bike: Light weight. A powerband that's immensely user-friendly. Excellent fuel economy. Unmatched reliability. And a fun factor that's off the chart. Since the new CBR250R is a Honda, it's full of features few other bikes in its class can match. And it offers a build quality that means you've got dependable cross-town or cross-country transportation. Best of all, the new CBR250R is available in two versions: the CBR250R and the CBR250R ABS with our Anti-lock Brake System -- a first for the segment and a really valuable option that both first-timers and experienced riders will appreciate.

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