Video - 2010 Can-Am Outlander XTP 650

Videa ATV Can-Am 2010 Can-Am Outlander XTP 650

2010 Can-Am Outlander XTP 650

Buy Yours Here: This Four wheeler was provided by East Carolina Power Sports in Greenville, NC. Videographer: Bryan Liles Editor & Producer: Stuart Edwards My Review of the 650 written by: Stuart Edwards I have ridden all types of four wheelers ever since I was 4 years old. I am a very experienced rider. This is my short outlook for the can-am 650. The 650 doesn't feel like a Cadillac of four wheelers and it handles more like a sports car. It is light and agile in handling especially with the power steering. The can-am engine allows for quick acceleration beating the Polaris 850 Sportsman off the starting line although the Polaris 850 catches up and outruns the 650. You will not be running full speed through the mud or woods though. The 650's lightness becomes a huge factor when you get in the mud allowing more control and easier maneuvering. With some decent tires on this four wheeler there are not to many mud holes you can't tackle. On jumps the 650 handles extremely well with exceptional control and weight balance. I would recommend this atv to the most seasoned quad riders out there. With a few modifications you should be able to hang with the big dogs with no problem although it pretty much already does.

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