Video - 2005 Suzuki LTZ 400 LTZ 434 Walk Around

Videa ATV quad 2005 Suzuki LTZ 400 LTZ 434 Walk Around

2005 Suzuki LTZ 400 LTZ 434 Walk Around

Walk around of my ltz400 with a 434 big bore kit 05' LTZ434, z400 12.5:1 CP 94mm Piston Full Yoshimura TRC titanium exhaust(updated) FCR40 175/45 with Rat Stack Dyna Programmable AMR Monster Coil Kibble White Valves and Dual Rate Springs Custom Grind Web Cams DID Timing Chain PWR Radiator Raptor Petcock Gunnar Killswitch Fly Start/Kill Switch Elka Stage 3 Front Shocks Elka Stage 3 Rear Shocks with Link Roll Design +1 Steering Stem Streamline Hydraulic Clutch Tag T2 Bars Lonestar Racing+3 Arms Burgard +1 Swing Arm UM Radiator Shrouds Supersprox 14/40t UM Air Box YFZ Calipers Stainless Lines Pro Armor Bumper and Grab Bar Asv Levers Roll Design Nerfs/Heels/Pegs Lonestar Racing Axcalibar Axle Douglas G2 Beadlocks with Maxxis Razr's HID Headlamp 5000k YFZ LED Tail Powremadd Hand Guards TrailTech Vapor+Dash CV2 Radiator Hoses GPR Steering Stabilizer Roll Design Brake Lever and Shift Lever I'm sure i've left a bunch out! This build took a long time, and a lot of money!

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